Take a trendy hike

We woke up with the biggest urge to go hiking today, ☺ ☺ we’ve had this urge for over 2 months
now but time and laziness… ? ? lol, moving on to the positive stuff.
This specific trail is in Pretoria East. It’s not that bad, you finish the “first part” in about 20 mins and
it’s about 4000 steps. Apart from the fact that we kept on stopping and almost turning around and
feeling like “almost dying” ? ? ? lol, we finished in “record time”.
It’s a fun and beautiful walk, every level has its lovely views. We kept laughing at each other
though, scaring each other with “non existent” snakes ? ☺
We work out together, all the time!!!! It’s fun and we encourage each other. When the one is lazy,
the other one is not… which is sometimes a life hack for the lazy one ? ? ? lol ? ? but we
GET WORK DONE!! We normally work out longer than we should because we make jokes and
laugh half of the time. ☺ ☺ ❤

We tell each other our “fit goals” so that we can hold each other accountable and remind each
other. You should do that too, trust somebody with your responsibility and they’ll hold you
Anyways, Happy Hiking!! % ☺ ❤ ❤