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Cranberry and Rosemary Pavlova

Serves: 6-8 Prep time: 1h30-2hrs never be too intimidated making meringues, it’s really not that bad and if you really want to know if you whipped your egg whites properly, place the bowl over your head and if the egg whites fall on you, it wasn’t whipped really well. Try again. Meringue ingredients: 6 Egg Whites […]

Mussel Broth with Mini Fatcakes

If you notice throughout the entire cookbook, we try to add a South African twist to every dish, that’s our style of cooking. We guess it’s a little reminder of where we come from, no matter where we are. Fat cakes are truly South African, best enjoyed during the winter season and this broth is […]

Coconut Curry Noodle Bowls

Serves: 4 Prep time: 50 mins Just know that anything that has coconut milk, coconut cream or coconut flakes tastes amazing, no doubt. You can easily impress your guests with this simple dish, just pretend you slaved over the stove for hours, don’t worry, it’ll stay just between us. Ingredients: 2 Tbs Vegetable Oil 1 […]

Brown Bread with Antipasti

Serves: 8-10 Prep time: 45 mins When making bread make sure you put a timer on for 10 mins, knead the bread for the entire 10 mins, don’t stop even when your hands get tired. Trust us, it will all be worth it. If your bread is sticking to the counter, avoid adding more flour […]

Sweet and Sour Pork

Serves: 4-5 Prep time: 25-30 mins This is definitely one of those dishes in this book that might make you cry, it’s that good!! Don’t waste time with this one, make sure the sauce is ready by the time the pork comes out of the fryer. Straight from the fryer, into the sauce, the pork […]