Meet our ever so gorgeous Mama, Takkies!!! She’s an amazing dancer and hosts these amazing fitness dancing classes in heels ? everybody!!! How amazing is that?! ??☺️


We’ve never worked out in heels before and our thighs totally agree with that statement ?? what a shock!!! Lol ☺️☺️ We had a lovely session with some beautiful girls. ???? EVERYDAY IS LEG DAY!! 


It’s winter and it’s absolutely freezing in Johannesburg so indoor workouts are perfect, especially after a long day at work. It gets heated up very quickly in that studio, lol. Literally and figuratively ??? so it’s definitely steaming summer in there. It’s so much fun though, it’s like Zumba on FLEEK honey!! 


Takkies is a new mom, her cute baby is only 6 months old!! ❤️❤️ but her body though!!!! …????????? haha ?? and her legs!!!! ? ?? shooooo !! All we are saying is… if you want a body like that … COME THROUGH!!! COME THROUGH!!!! COME THROUGH!!! ?☺️ The class is fun and amazing, takes place every Thursday evening in Bryanston (check her Instagram @Takkies7 for more info) and she doesn’t judge if you flop too much ??lol. We’ll definitely be going back for some more action. This is definitely the best way to stay fit chefs!!! 


#fitchefsdiary ❤️❤️




Lol, how many of us workout for instagram  and take bomb pics and call it a day for the rest of the year? ????? … okay, maybe that’s us a little bit ??? haha. We haven’t been working out as much as we want to you guys!!! We blame it on “being busy”, but that’s not a great excuse right ?! 


Honestly though, we are finding it hard to make time to ensure that our bodies are fit. You all know this, we work in a very tough industry and we are on our feet the entire day which takes a bit of a toll on us so the little free time we have, trust and believe we are on our couch catching up on some TV ?. We are not complaining about the busy schedule though, GOD BLESS!!!


This week we are in the beautiful KwaZulu-Natal for some work and we decided to pull up our “yoga pants” and go do some real work. We went to the Planet Fitness at the Pearls of Umhlanga ?? gorgeous, gorgeous gym!! But… lol, we don’t go to gym ?? so we have absolutely no idea where to start lol, everyone seems to know what they are doing here except for us. So we just start off with the basics, 15 mins on the treadmill on an incline just to warm up a little bit and figure things out. We don’t do weights because we have spaghetti arm, our arms would fall off if we so tried but we found a great core and upper body workout that’s great for beginners like us. The rope workout, it actually challenges your ENTIRE body, the rope is heavy… very heavy ?? but you can control the intensity of your workout, it’s really great for the arms. It’s definitely our new found obsession!!

We moved onto  the balancing spheres for some core training. 


More than anything we love using our own body weight to strength us, we’ve decided we are more “home workout and outdoorsy” people more than we are gym freaks but whenever we get the chance to enter the gym, we’ll always do best…

or we’ll at least try ??





#withlovefromthetwins ❤️❤️


Compliments of the new season everybody!!!!! ??? Our first fit Chefs post for the year…☺️☺️ 


Listen, Linda!!! We took a break from working out, lol ☺️☺️ the entire December we were bumming around, eating lots of chocolate and hoping for the best lol. ?? Everybody gets tired sometimes!!! ?


Work just started the past week for us and thank God for work and travel mercies, so we are hotel living which means … free gym!!! which is awesome because everyone knows we don’t go to gym, we always do Home or outdoorsy workouts. We love the gym though, we are very disciplined people but some people get confused when they enter the gym, they don’t know where to start or which areas to start with and we are definitely no experts either but our method is pretty simple, because we haven’t worked out in a while, we decided to go the very simple route. 


We did 15 minutes on the treadmill and 15 mins on the bike, easy peazy… now you’ve got 30 mins of cardio in. Then we did a few dumbbell workouts for about 15 mins and abs on the ball for 15 and voilà!!! 1 hour of workout done. You really don’t have to complicate things, especially if you’re getting back into things. 


Now, this pursuit of SAXINESS that we are referring to… we are not really sure what being a “SAX” means but that sounds like a dope word and we’ll take two of those please!! Lol ☺️☺️ but seriously though, more than anything, we just want to be our own body goals, be comfortable in our own skin, have healthy hearts so that we can live longer and just make more money. ?


Our advice is simple: do what you can and remember, no workout is a bad workout but it doesn’t hurt to pursue SAXINESS so maybe you can push a little harder . 


Happy working out!!! ?? 


Keep healthy and cheat well on your cheat days ??.






#BodyBrand ❤️❤️


We’ve always wanted to do yoga at the beach ?. Isn’t it the most serene
place you’d wanna go have a “namaste'” ?? and “woooh-saahh” ????
moment at?! You guys know this… or you should know this ?? … but we
work out everywhere!!! Listen, you can’t stop us, come rain ☔️ or sunshine
☀️… we will stretch these chef bodies!!! Lol. ☺️☺️ we don’t have
pleasures of the beach in Hustle-land aka Johannesburg, so whenever we come
here, we have to bust a move and blog about it. ???

It’s always windy here and almost impossible for us to strike these sexy
poses but Mr strong core comes in handy with this one ??????.  Not
only does yoga help us to become a little snatched ?? and help us with
our flexibility, it also strengthens our core, which then helps us keep our
balance and maybe one day, one day we could rollerblade or ice-skate like
other children ??? but that’s a blog post for another day ☺️☺️.

With that being said, we are not the greatest yogis but one day, one day
-because honestly with yoga… practice does make perfect. We don’t know of
any yoga classes around us but for now we do YouTube yoga videos that guide
us, it’s like having an instructor in your house yo. Our favorite at the
moment is Shilpa Shetty and if you want cardio yoga for super weight-loss,
check out Jillian Micheals and thank us later.

Namaste’ ??❤️❤️



#withlovefromthetwins ❤️❤️


You know when you lie to your friends and other kids and tell them you’re
“fit”?? ??? they kinda want to invite you to every fitness event they
know about ??? and you’re too afraid to tell them that you’d rather eat
doughnuts instead?! Yup, that’s us, lol??. But seriously though, we love
these kind of people … they keep us looking SAX!!! ??

Our mentor, Ragmah and her hubby, love working out together and they
mentioned this park run thing that takes place every Saturday. (side note:
did you guys know about this? ?? apparently it’s not a new thing and it
happens all over this world and stuff ?? how come we didn’t know about
this? ?? who are our friends ? ?)… and we’re back ☺️☺️… anyways,
it’s a 5km run/ walk, no pressure… people just come through and be great.
Our first experience was of course in Constantia, Cape Town… our most
favorite place ever ?? and we have to tell you kids… we think this park
run stuff is gonna be our new thing ????‍♀️??‍♀️.

This is for EVERYBODY!!! You don’t have to be super fit to do this, you
could walk the whole way through, it’s great. There are people encouraging
you along the way, you meet some cute fit people ☺️☺️ what more could you
ask for on a Saturday morning? Huh? And nothing feels better than working
out and feeling like an absolute SAX ???, that’s our new favorite word
by the way… “SAX”!! It sounds so sexy… we think it’s another word for
“sexy” ??? we don’t know, we’ll confirm with our cool kid friends ???

Visit and check out where you can join the other
children, trust  us, it’s fun.

We finished our “run” in 43 mins ??? lol, we’ll do better next time…
promise ??❤️❤️



#withlovefromthetwins ❤️❤️



Ever since we lied to ourselves and wanted to become “fit Chefs” our
ultimate short-term goal was to always climb up lions head in Cape Town…
lol ????

Listen!!! At exactly 2 mins into the hike, we knew this was a bad idea ??
couldn’t breathe already!!! Haha, And this was about 5:30 am, couldn’t see
a thing… had these little torches, some scary movie stuff. We went up
with our mentor, Ragmah. If it was just the two of us, would’ve called it
quits soon, soon✌?✌???. We kept going, felt like forever. While walking
up, we had a lot of reflecting to do. We’ve seen a few people flex on
Instagram??, posting beautiful views from Lions head and we wanted to be
one of them, we wanna get to the top too… not realizing that the journey
is not “pap and vleis” and honestly, the view from the top looks amazing
but wow!!! ? ???

Oh Lord, then came the ladder part ???, so now we are climbing stuff…
thought we were hiking here people!!! Gosh ?? then came the actual rock
climbing part ??? lol. At this point, it’s still dark, the eyes are
working overtime and we keep asking ourselves… WHAT THE FUDGE WERE WE
THINKING!!!! ????? We kept going though because we had no choice
??? must’ve zoned out for the rest of the Hike because we were dead
Chefs walking ?? ??????and the coolest thing is…you couldn’t tell
that we were basically dead. We walked with so much grace and poise, our
breathing was on par… we were looking like we know what we were doing.

Fast forward to victory —-> we actually made it to the top ????☺️☺️
and it was beautiful!!! Made it just in time for the sunrise, body feeling
snatched ?? what more could a fit chef ask for? We had some coffee up
there, took some bomb pics, listen… we were living the dream!!

Oh, then we had to walk back down ??. ..Slipped at least 90% of the time.
Walking back down was actually harder than the climb ????. There was a
point where one of us (Tebo) fell, hurt her everything… apparently she
almost died but it was just a slip buuuuuut… let’s go with the whole
“victorious – almost died but didn’t die” story ???? lol.
We made it back to the car at about 9am. We didn’t realize that we achieved
our ultimate short-term goal. Might not do it again for the next few years
… ☺️☺️☺️☺️ but we did it!!! It felt great.

Seriously though, how often do we look at people flexing on the gram or
showing us their views from the top and we are like… gosh!!! If I could
be just like homie ????? Not really comprehending the journey they have
walked ? Because if you’re gonna envy someone’s success, you might as well
envy the hardships too. People never show you the tough days, the hard
work, tears and sweat.  … why does it feel like Church up In here?
????? lol. We wouldn’t have been able to walk that “journey” alone…
no sir!! There were some stages we needed someone to hoist us up or else it
was over, it was really… done!!!!

Ok, this story and a bit gibberish and almost doesn’t make sense and our
bodies still hurt from the hike ☺️☺️☺️ and therefore affecting our thought
process ?? yes, both of us!!! ?☺️ lol. But, if you have a goal… wake
up determined???? and go crush it ????make sure you take supportive
people on your journey who will help you up when you have hard falls or
will carry you when you think you can’t anymore. Stop envying other
people’s “views from the top” because you have no idea what they had to do
to get up there. And if you stop complaining along the way you might
actually see the beauty around you while you’re climbing up. It’s ok to go
at your own pace, take breaks if you need to. Drink some water and come
have coffee, have a kit kat because you deserve it dammit!! Lol.

… ok, we’re done. We hope that made sense ?? or you got something out
of it or your motivated to climb up lions head so you can be snatched too.
Hey… whatever you take from this, we hope its positive.

#crushed it!!!! ????????????❤❤


We are the biggest jogging ? snobs in the world ? , (totally made that up
but it will make sense now) ☺️☺️. We love keeping fit and stuff…
sometimes??. Lol. We are only encouraged to jog if we jog in a beautiful
area, we don’t jog with music ? (don’t know why) so we need something else
to distract us from our dying bodies. Lol.

If you know us you know that we were born and bred in Mamelodi, which we
absolutely looooove by the way ??? buuuut… ☝?☝?we used to attempt
jogging around Mamelodi West to East and the amount of “hello baby”, “can I
join you girls”, “Mpho le Mphonyana”, “same girl”, “The jogging Twins”,
“Lerato le Love” and cars hooting ?????oh my gosh!!!! ????We were
like… never again!!!! Can’t run in this place, there simply is no
order… COMRADE!!! Lol Hated jogging, we were like NO?, we are officially
jogging snobs, can’t do this anymore, lol. We now had to cut the routes
shorter to avoid the guys bothering us. (Maybe they were intentionally
bothering us because they didn’t want us to become fit because they like
thick girls ????) hahahaha ???? that’s a blog post for another day
??? no, but seriously, what other explanation is there? We love the boys
in Mamelodi but what a nuisance… silly!!! ☺️☺️☺️☺️

We love Cape Town, Constantia … who doesn’t ? It’s green and quiet, every
single turn you take you see the view of the table mountain. We don’t care
how lazy you are, you will wake that… BUM up to go for a run just to
appreciate the beauty that is. We know that’s the reason we woke up today.

And along the way, you’ll discover these beautiful gems ? that will make
your run worth while, ran past the most beautiful river walk… yum!!! ☺️☺️
We are Not super runners or anything, half of the time we are walking and
taking nonsense, lol but we are still getting our hearts right.

We need a workout squad though ?? let’s create a squad guys? Anyone?
Email us? Maybe? Ok!! ☺️☺️ anyways… that’s it. Wake up, put your running
pants on, go for a run ?, choose a lovely and peaceful location and start
your day right, ok?



We HATED sports. Lol, anything to do with running, walking a little faster
than usual, anything that raises the heart rate… yo, we were not about
that life. ✌???✋?????

It was so bad that we used to ask my mom to write us letters in Primary
school to our teachers telling them it’s “against our culture” to do cross
country ???? or “we have asthma” ????????. I can’t believe we
diagnosed ourselves with asthma ????? …but my mom still did it,
because she really wanted us to stop nagging her and get out of her hair!!!
????? oh gosh!!!

We got away with that for at least seven years. When we got to high school,
we still didn’t really care about sports. Grade 10 to 12 was a bit
different though, we went to a very sport oriented high school “EK’S ‘ N
WARE WOERIE!!!!!!”??JA!!????JA!!!??????JA!!!! So doing well in
academics just wasn’t enough… well, at least if you wanted to be
somebody?. So we were like… hey, how bad can this sports stuff be?
??? we tried out netball… ?????? EPIC FAIL!!!!! ❌??? i think
we lasted two days in those courts and we called deuces ✌?✌?✌? lol. Then
we tried out “girls soccer”, played mid fielders. Ran around… that’s what
mid fielders do right? Lol. We did that for 3 years and we had fun, we
don’t know if we were any good at it but we still had fun. Still hated
running though-? ??? felt like torture!!!!???

Then there’s was varsity ☺☺☺. One of our lectures told us that we all need
to go to gym because “image is everything” in this industry, sigh ???
So we stepped in a gym, for the very first time ???? and we liked
it!!!??? and it helped that the gym was right across the road from our
res. We literally went to gym, at least five times a week – not because we
were obsessed with gym but because the student budget was tight and we were
not trying to waste money at a gym we didn’t go to.??? Oh… they knew
us at that gym ???????.

Fast forward to now!!!
We looooove being fit, we can’t imagine not going for a good run ? ??,a
good hike or a good Zumba session. We’ve also learnt very quickly that
trying to be a chef that “diets” (let’s all laugh together ???)  is an
epic fail.
And yeah, we are sure you are tired of hearing this but working out is good
for you kids, you’ll live longer. Honestly. Do it for your heart!!! ❤❤❤❤


Ok listen… this is what we do on our “lazy days”, not that we underestimate how hard yoga is, because it is super hard ?? but it’s one of those workouts you can do in your living room and stuff. ☺☺☺

Cooking and being on your feet ALL DAY is no joke ?? and it really takes a strain on our bodies and our moods, like we get for real grumpy!!! Lol.

Sometimes you just need to do something that will calm your body and mind down ?? *WOOOOHHH-SAAAHHH*
We find it calms us down and we really get a lot of energy for the day, which is generally what working out does for you.

Our fit chefs tip for today is: do whatever makes you feel good and makes you have a better attitude, especially at work. Drink lots of water and be a bit healthy or at least try and just be a good person.

Namaste’ ??❤❤


Take a trendy hike

We woke up with the biggest urge to go hiking today, ☺ ☺ we’ve had this urge for over 2 months
now but time and laziness… ? ? lol, moving on to the positive stuff.
This specific trail is in Pretoria East. It’s not that bad, you finish the “first part” in about 20 mins and
it’s about 4000 steps. Apart from the fact that we kept on stopping and almost turning around and
feeling like “almost dying” ? ? ? lol, we finished in “record time”.
It’s a fun and beautiful walk, every level has its lovely views. We kept laughing at each other
though, scaring each other with “non existent” snakes ? ☺
We work out together, all the time!!!! It’s fun and we encourage each other. When the one is lazy,
the other one is not… which is sometimes a life hack for the lazy one ? ? ? lol ? ? but we
GET WORK DONE!! We normally work out longer than we should because we make jokes and
laugh half of the time. ☺ ☺ ❤

We tell each other our “fit goals” so that we can hold each other accountable and remind each
other. You should do that too, trust somebody with your responsibility and they’ll hold you
Anyways, Happy Hiking!! % ☺ ❤ ❤