Do you remember our chef babies? Well, they are in Matric this year and this is officially their final chef practical in this class before they go into the world. And what a pleasure it is for us for Mrs Le Roux to allow us back into her kitchen again to help facilitate this amazing final exam.

It’s very nostalgic for us to come into this space, we were once in this very class many … many, many years ago ??so it brings back amazing memories. These students are absolutely industry level chefs and they won’t have a problem adapting to the intimidating industry.

We prepared 80 plates with bread, Hors D’oeuvres, starters, palet cleanser, main meal, dessert and coffee with Friandise. Is that a food production or what? ???WOW!!! And they killed it!!! Each and every one of those plates came out looking beautiful.

We are in absolute awe of these young chefs and we wish them all the success in the world. ?

And our favorite photographer and sis Ress Photography, thank you for coming along and capturing this beauty that we experience. We love you.

To Mrs Le Roux, she really shaped how we looked at the hospitality industry and is a big part of what we chose to go this route, we are forever grateful. Thank you for everything.


With Love, The Twins xx


We took a trip to Chengdu, China earlier this year to visit our very good friend Kut and before we arrived we told her…”we are not here for anything else but the food ?!!!” We wanted to eat and taste everything and Kut made sure that’s what we would experience. On our very first night we had a noodle bowl ?and it was amazing ☺️☺️??. We had all sorts of amazing food but Chengdu is known for it’s Hotpot, it’s literally hot and spicy at the same time and we knew that we had to bring this experience home with us. We made sure we made space for some hotpot stock when we came home.

Our trip to this amazing country inspired our very first pop up of this year. We wanted our friends and people around us to experience the amazing flavors.

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Grain Field Chicken and most of our dishes were chicken based, it was almost a breeze putting this menu together. Our main dish was definitely the hotpot with the chicken and the fun thing about it is, you get to cook your own food, which is great. We served a Chinese chicken noodle salad for starters and a Chinese wine pomegranate sangria. We had a flavored sticky rice, vegetable stir-fry and popcorn chicken as the sides. It was lovely and straight to the point.

As always, it’s always hard work putting the pop up dinner together, it really doesn’t get easier at all. We were lucky enough to host at a gorgeous boutique hotel in Pretoria called Birdwood Estate. With a lovely garden and views for our guest. The staff were so pleasant and they made the experience so much smoother for us, we are thankful.

We had amazing assistants who came to our rescue and helped with the order of the evening, our babies Kele, Ikanyeng, Pearl and Kamo, it was a great pleasure working with them.

And of course our friend Tebogo and her partner did our amazing artwork and ress_photography did the photography. We are very thankful for a strong girl team.

The 15th pop up!!! Can you believe that? Wow.

To many more… cheers ???❤️❤️

With love, The Twins xx



Pop up restaurant number #14. Can you guys believe that? ☺️☺️ we really can’t, we are so grateful. Words can’t explain. ❤️

We had the most amazing evening on Friday the 26th of October. We went back to our old high school (Woerie Land ☺️☺️) and basically went back to our original cooking roots. We had an incredible Hospitality Teacher, Mrs Le Roux, She made us fall in love with cooking ?? and she’s the reason we pursued cheffing professionally. ??‍???‍? She took us to Thailand ?? on one school tour for an ultimate culinary experience and it opened our eyes to our now favorite cuisine EVER, we could talk about her the whole day, she’s just so incredible.??‍?☺️❤️ She allowed us to become the teachers, it was a great responsibility but she taught us well so she knew what she was doing ☺️☺️. 

We used to have these restaurant evenings for our end year exams, Mrs Le Roux asked us to come facilitate this last exam with her. The students were impeccable, we were in so much awe. They pulled off four incredible course for guests that evening, they made it so easy to work with them. They are a naughty bunch though ☺️☺️? but they are super incredible, we are so inspired by each and every one of them. We will never forget their cute faces. ❤️❤️

You guys know Heiress right? Our beautiful baby and photographer? ?. Can we ever say thank you enough to her? We don’t think so, she’s literally been to every single pop up and we’ve watched her grow and she’s seen her grow as well, we are so thankful for you and your amazing work our babe. We love you so much. ??❤️❤️

Laarger Rooibos has been our biggest support this year and we are so thankful for everything and also, everyone around us is thankful to them because they’ve been drinking amazing tea this entire year ? ☕️ ☺️☺️ people often ask us how many cups of tea we drink everyday… honestly, we lose count ☺️☺️ we are spoilt for choice??‍♀️??‍♀️, Rooibos Tea is literally our water. 

We’ve seen and experienced so much love and support this year, we are truly grateful. 

Love and Light to you all. 

God bless ??❤️

#withlovefromthetwins ❤️❤️



We honestly can’t believe that this is our 13th pop up restaurant ☺️☺️and
we still feel excited and giddy about planning the event and see all the
lovely people who come, we are so thankful ??❤️

It was another collaboration with LAAGER ROOIBOS, so much fun. We were
lucky enough to play around with the Green Rooibos, citrus and Ginger
flavored tea. It smells amazing ?? and tastes even better. We used it in
our “Mocktail of the day ” as our welcome drink. Everyone loved it!!!☺️☺️

We used the lovely Alpine Attitude Boutique Hotel in Pretoria East as our
venue of the day, it’s breathtakingly gorgeous ??. We’ve used this venue
before and our mom kept begging that we use it again… and what a way to
host in our home city PRETORIA!!! This time we were corresponding with
Solette Breet, she’s the absolute best and made the booking and planning of
this event a breeze, thank you so much.??☺️❤️?? we didn’t have to do
much to the venue honestly, it matched our bohemian theme perfectly!!!
Couldn’t be happier.

It’s spring time in South Africa and we wanted to do something easy but
also very fun for our guests, we decided on a bohemian theme because it’s
“chilled vibes” ??‍♀️??‍♀️ right and that’s what Spring is all about.
It’s also Heritage month so braai’ing and burgers just made total sense. We
had 3 variations, beef burgers, chicken burgers and vegetarian burgers.
Initially we wanted to do a lovely cheakpea and sweet potato patty for the
vegetarians.. let’s all laugh together ???????‍♀️… it was a total
FLOP!!! We blitzed the mixture a little too much and it was just too soft
and soggy, we tried to pané with bread crumbs… just a flop!!
??‍♀️??‍♀️ so we used lovely shitaki mushrooms, roasted them in the
oven with olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic and voilà… it worked, also
the cool thing is mushroom gives an illusion that you’re having meat, so
everyone wins ??‍♀️??‍♀️☺️☺️ the vegetarians liked it ( we love you
guys ☺️?) we couldn’t let them eat that cheakpea mess. ? we also made all
kinds of homemade sauces to go with it, green goddess sauce, chili sauce
and barbecue sauce, we had with vegetable chips, potato chips, pickled red
onions, ribbon cucumbers… Uhm ??… oh and bacon bits to accompany the
burgers. So you could basically go wild!! It was too much fun, too much
yummy. And for dessert we had a light deconstructed peppermint tart, no too
sweet, not too much… just right!!

Now, at every pop up restaurant we like to add a bit of excitement for our
guests, introduce them to something we think is spectacular!! ?? our
beautiful friend Danine has an amazing brand called #headoverheart, she has
the most amazing merchandise, we love it. We are so proud of her and we
wanted to be a part of her journey ??❤️ thank you for gracing is babe.

The pop up went really great, we had amazing assistants, we love and
appreciate you guys.

Of course our baby girl Heiress #ressphotography handled the amazing
photography as always, she does an amazing Job ALWAYS!! What else could we
ask for ? ?? we are so obsessed with her work, thank you. And our amazing
friend Tebogo Mogole and her talented team #swissarmy did amazing work on
our invites and artwork, we appreciate your amazing work. ??❤️

At the end of the night we kicked off our shoes and let our little sore
feet breathe. It’s always so exciting hosting all you beautiful people. You
could literally be anywhere in the world but you choose to come have dinner
with us, what an honor ??❤️





Can’t believe we just hosted our 12th pop up restaurant, wow!! ???????God bless the WILL for consistency.


Another amazing collaboration with LAAGER ROOIBOS. ☺️☺️ We decided to host a cute winter breakfast and do a food and tea tasting. It’s super cold in Johannesburg and what better than a cozy restaurant and some tea?! ☕️ ☕️ ? 


We’ve been a little obsessed with Paris and Berets and all that cute stuff. So we brought a bit of Paris to our pop up. The menu consisted of Pastries and Jam and a main course of a plated Eggs Benedict… a typical Parisian breakfast ?. We served a lovely ice tea shot as welcome drink, we used the Vanilla Rooibos. We paired the Eggs Benedict with the Ginger and Citrus Rooibos to compliment the citrus notes in the Hollandais sauce. The dessert was served with the Chai Rooibos. All the other teas and flavors were tasted during the course of the event. Everyone got to take home some lovely Tetley green tea ? ?? Apple, mint and lemon flavors… Gosh!!!! ???


27 Boxes is the cutest place you could go to, what an amazing concept!! There are a lot of hidden gems there and one of the gems we fell in love with was a gorgeous restaurant called “The Table”… so so cute. They have a harvest table and they cater for people who are on vegan diets as well. The co-owner, Mandy was super keen to host us and let us use the space, couldn’t be more thankful. We brainstormed a couple of food and set up ideas with her and she’s an absolute powerhouse.???? She also owns a fantastic restaurant at 27 Boxes called “The Countess” so we were definitely in good hands.


These pop up restaurants are getting tougher and tougher ?? and that’s ok because it means the standard is much higher… which is fantastic !!! ?? but honestly though, nothing better than filling a beautiful room with beautiful people and feeding them beautiful food and creating good vibes only!! What an honor ????❤️❤️


There were a few people celebrating their birthdays ? ? ? so we decided to play around with one of the LAAGER ROOIBOS flavors and make a beautiful dessert/ cupcake out of it. We used the Rooibos Chai to create a carrot and spiced chai cupcake with cream cheese filling. We (the cheesy twins ?☺️) decided to surprise all the birthday boys with some cupcakes, Star lights ? ? and birthday songs ☺️☺️… it was super cute!! 


Another successful pop up and we are absolutely grateful ??☺️. Everybody looked gorgeous in their All white attire, thank you for respecting our theme, lol. And all those who didn’t wear white… ☹️☹️ it’s ayt, we still love you. Lol.


@Ress_photography took all the amazing pictures ?… as always. We love you ❤️❤️

Swiss Army did the Amazing artwork on our posters and branding. 

Our siblings… the best assistants in the world. 

The Table, for allowing us to host a lovely evening.

And finally LAAGER ROOIBOS for another successful collaboration, we are so thankful.




Royal Luncheon Pop Up Restaurant

With love from the Twins x Laager Rooibos 


Our 11th pop up restaurant!!! Phew!!! ?? it doesn’t get easier planning these pop ups but it definitely does get exciting. 


We were also extremely excited to collaborate with Laager Rooibos, which is perfect for us because we looooove tea. ❤️❤️


We themed our pop up “Kings and Queens of Wakanda” and EVERYBODY came dressed to the nines!!! Thank you beautiful people!!!! ❤️❤️


We hosted at the most exquisite venue ever in Johannesburg called “Dunkeld Manor Guesthouse” owned by the beautiful Sandi, uurrghh!! What more can we say ? ??? absolutely perfect!!! We are so thankful. 


We decided to host a cozy late lunch for our guests because the weather has been a bit sombre so we wanted to make a hearty menu. We served a 3 course and the most exciting part was that we en cooperated  the Rooibos tea in most of our dishes. 

For starters we had “pap en vleis” balls, out take on the typical South African “Pap en vleis” but we turned it into a canapé… not something that would be typically done. 

For the main course we had a lovely Lamb curry, Roti, Tzatziki And salsa. We used Rooibos tea as the liquid instead of your typical beef or chicken stock. It gives it a more clean flavor and this way we could control our seasoning and therefore was less sodium in the actual dish. 

For dessert we hosted a “mini high tea” with a trio of desserts. The whole point of this course was for people to taste the tea and all the other different tea flavors. 


Not to “toot” our own horns but… it was LIT!!!! 


Our hearts get bigger and bigger every time we host these lovely events, we have the loveliest people as guest and they like our cooking!!! Of course they are close to our hearts ☺️☺️☺️


What a successful collaboration and sponsorship with Laager Rooibos ????


Swiss Army for the lovely artwork, EVERY SINGLE TIME ???? and our baby, Ress Photography for the lovely images. 


We have the best siblings everrrr ??. Dimpho hosted our people and Kgomotso is the best right hand man ever!!! We love you children. 

Ika, you’re our baby. ❤️❤️ 


Wow, we love you guys.





#withlovefromthetwins ❤️❤️

Thanksgiving Dinner in the Summer

This is a bit ironic because it was hella cold ?? so it basically felt
like we are somewhere in Philadelphia, USA ?? having a cozy Thanksgiving
dinner. Lol ☺️☺️

Our 10th pop up restaurant!!!! ??? Can you believe it? We can’t ??
what a lovely milestone that is. We are soooo sooo thankful ??❤️.

Had the pleasure of attending a real life thanksgiving dinner with a lovely
family in Newton, Massachusetts a few years ago. It was the first day of
snow ❄️ fall, we cooked the whole day. We made Mac n cheese, turkey,
cranberry jelly…??? you name it. It was the most amazing experience
ever!!! We had to recreate that moment with our friends. We hosted our pop
up on Sat, the 25th of November… Two days after the actual thanksgiving
in the US, so it’s fitting right?! 🙂

We collaborated with our amazing friend, Kutloano (sugarcoma) and you know
every time we collaborate with her it’s a proper food TURN UP!!!!
??????We love her so much, she’s amazing. It’s always a pleasure
working with her. We hosted in Sandton, Johannesburg again and Jozi is
always so friendly to us ☺️☺️.

We decided to take it to the SOUTH SIDE!!! ?? and we made some Southern
Food y’all. Listen, Collard greens, mash potatoes, gravy, corn bread, beer
jerk chicken, green beans, pumpkin pie, we went ALL THE WAY IN!!!

We were a bit terrified though, won’t lie. The weather wasn’t too great and
it was wet and cold. Listen, People in this country will find every excuse
to not go out when the weather is like that. But… we just have the most
amazing friends and we know the most amazing people ever!!!!!! ??Couldn’t
even imagine better company. We love you guys so much, you’re all perfect
to us.

We are thankful for everything, for the year that was, for the people that
came, for the food we ate, for the lovely collaboration with Kut, for
amazing friends, for thanksgiving in general. #thankful ??❤️

Thank you baby bunch, Heiress for the lovely images. You’re amazing ❤️❤️

#withlovefromthetwins X #sugarcoma



#twinspopup x #afrikoachocolate x #roastmasterscoffeebar

Wow!!! Pop up number 9, done and dusted!!! ??✨✨

Yes kids, we hosted an Autumn ? dinner in the Winter ☺️☺️ Why not?!!! Lol.

This pop was special. We collaborated with two of our favorite brands and
how perfect? Everybody knows that we are obsessed with coffee ☕️ and
chocolate ?. Absolutely obsessed!!! So how fun that we get to play around
with them at our pop up restaurant?!

We chose Roastmasters coffee bar again because it’s one of our favorite
venues in Pretoria East and it’s cozy!! Absolutely perfect for a lovely
intimate dinner. We love Natania, the owner, she’s amazing and her amazing
daughter, Grethe (who we went to school with by the way ☺️) gave an amazing
coffee talk on the evening. Couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Now, for the chocolate ? ☺️❤️. We have a beautiful friend, Katelyn (The
Kate Tin) who is married to an amazing chocolatier (luckiest girl ever!!!
☺️❤️) and they own a brand called “Afrikoa Chocolate”. It’s made in Cape
Town and it’s from Tanzania ??. How about that? ??Please buy local,
honestly!! ? They are amazing and we are obsessed with them and their brand
?. Follow them and spy on them and you won’t regret the chocolate
education. So what a pleasure and honor to do a collaboration with them?!

We hosted a lovely 3 course dinner, wine pairing and a chocolate and coffee
Tasting!!  Phew!! ???

So much fun!!! So much yummy!!

Roastmasters served an amazing “EspressoTini” as welcome drinks ?.
Yaaaaasss!! ??????

We served a citrus and chicken ribbon salad as starter, paired with white
wine. And our take on “American Chili” (cooked with a bit of the Afrikoa
70% chocolate) on flatbread as our main course, paired with a lovely Red
wine ?. We then served a chocolate and coffee pavlova as dessert (made
With Roastmasters coffee beans and 27% Afrikoa chocolate) ❤️????.

We finished off the evening with lovely chocolate cake pops covered with
the 55% Afrikoa Chocolate, served with Roastmasters coffee ☕️.

Don’t you just wish you were there ?! Hmmmm ??? lol.

Our baby Heiress Bunduki did an amazing Job on photography (as always ☺️❤️)
and our girl Tebogo Mogole did exceptional graphic work on our posters ( as

Just wanna hug and kiss everyone that came to the pop up. It was beautiful
and amazing, we are so grateful.

God bless.









Our 8th pop up restaurant. Phew ??? that’s quite a few hey?!, wow!!!
Anyways… you guys know our friend Hope, right? The Food Editor of Drum
Magazine? Two time Galliova award winner? Coolest guy you’ll ever meet in
your life? Lol, yup him ☺️☺️. He released his cookbook ??? how amazing
is that?????. The book is called Johanne14, a book about Real South
African Food!!! Ahhhhhhhh ?????

So he called us up and was like… “hey twins, let’s throw a cookbook party
for the Johannesburg people”, lol ☺️☺️ and what an honor to trust us with
Such an event. And of course, we did what we did best!!!! We came, we
popped up, we cooked and we conquered!!!! ??????????

We hosted this event at the J&B Hive in Braamfontein ????. Guys, The
Hive has the most amazing team in the whole wide … BRAAMFONTEIN ????
they were such great help, we would’ve quit without all their support ?,
we hosted a lovely cozy dinner ?. 4 course tasting menu with about nine
items from the book.  ??? listen ? … we started off ka  Magwinya then
we had corn soup and curried tripe for starters. A plate of lamb curry,
curried Cabbage and classic potato salad for Mains. Mini boerewors burgers
for pre-dessert snack and Gemere (ginger beer) as a pallet cleanser and
deconstructed peppermint tart for dessert ? …. tell us that’s not a food
party. ??

It was an absolutely beautiful evening, we hosted the most amazing crowd of
people and we told the most beautiful stories and it’s because Hope Malau
took a fantastic step and wrote a book and this book … is DEFINITELY one
for the books!!!! ????????❤️❤️❤️❤️ Well done ?? and we are
soooook happy for all the things that are happening for you at the moment
☺️☺️☺️ you’re gonna kill it!!!!! ❤️❤️





#realsouthafricanfood ❤️❤️


Pop up restaurant number 7!!! ??????? Can you believe that? ???

We’ve always wanted to host a picnic and we thought what better time ?then
to host it in ? Autumn?. It’s April, everybody is celebrating Easter, it’s
fitting. ☺️☺️ We went back to Ça Ira wellness retreat (thank you Dr. Marie
?) And figured we could play around in their garden again.

Listen!! This was the cutest picnic ever!!! ?? but trying to put it
together? … ???… let’s all laugh together!!! ???? let’s just
say, everything that could’ve gone wrong… WENT WRONG!! Lol. Firstly, why
were there no Easter eggs in the whole of PTA? ?? yikes!!! Some pallet
guy canceled on us the day before? what a mini disaster. This was one of
those pop ups where we were ready to throw in the towel and say “PEACE
OUT!!!!” ???? lol, but with a little motivational talk – we got psyched
up and actually DID THE THINGS!!!!

Picnics are so easy, we played around with canapé options, cutie pie
serving platters, a lot of fresh fruit. It wasn’t difficult planning the
menu, we served sangrias and non- alcoholic fruit cocktails. We had a
cheese board and crackers platter, we did a layered salad in a cup…
yum!!! ☺️☺️ You also can’t go wrong with mini club sandwiches, samoosas,
Chicken bites… done!!! We made bunny ? ears for the cupcakes… took
hours ?? but we made them with love and it was totally cute and worth it.
☺️☺️❤. The company was amazing, the vibe was great, our baby Heiress came
through and took the most beautiful shots ever ?? what more could we ask

#storkbake!!! ☺️☺️ we absolutely loved being the Easter ambassadors so you
know they had to be cute and come through at the pop up, thank you for the
gifts and stork bakes, had an awesome time baking with them. Tebogo Mogole,
the posters looked amazing babes, thank you. Pierre Du Plessis from
Pretoria North… the pallets were amazing!!! You saved the day sir, we
really appreciate it!!! Ok, we’re done ☺️☺️ Hope you like the pics!!!