We HATED sports. Lol, anything to do with running, walking a little faster
than usual, anything that raises the heart rate… yo, we were not about
that life. ✌???✋?????

It was so bad that we used to ask my mom to write us letters in Primary
school to our teachers telling them it’s “against our culture” to do cross
country ???? or “we have asthma” ????????. I can’t believe we
diagnosed ourselves with asthma ????? …but my mom still did it,
because she really wanted us to stop nagging her and get out of her hair!!!
????? oh gosh!!!

We got away with that for at least seven years. When we got to high school,
we still didn’t really care about sports. Grade 10 to 12 was a bit
different though, we went to a very sport oriented high school “EK’S ‘ N
WARE WOERIE!!!!!!”??JA!!????JA!!!??????JA!!!! So doing well in
academics just wasn’t enough… well, at least if you wanted to be
somebody?. So we were like… hey, how bad can this sports stuff be?
??? we tried out netball… ?????? EPIC FAIL!!!!! ❌??? i think
we lasted two days in those courts and we called deuces ✌?✌?✌? lol. Then
we tried out “girls soccer”, played mid fielders. Ran around… that’s what
mid fielders do right? Lol. We did that for 3 years and we had fun, we
don’t know if we were any good at it but we still had fun. Still hated
running though-? ??? felt like torture!!!!???

Then there’s was varsity ☺☺☺. One of our lectures told us that we all need
to go to gym because “image is everything” in this industry, sigh ???
So we stepped in a gym, for the very first time ???? and we liked
it!!!??? and it helped that the gym was right across the road from our
res. We literally went to gym, at least five times a week – not because we
were obsessed with gym but because the student budget was tight and we were
not trying to waste money at a gym we didn’t go to.??? Oh… they knew
us at that gym ???????.

Fast forward to now!!!
We looooove being fit, we can’t imagine not going for a good run ? ??,a
good hike or a good Zumba session. We’ve also learnt very quickly that
trying to be a chef that “diets” (let’s all laugh together ???)  is an
epic fail.
And yeah, we are sure you are tired of hearing this but working out is good
for you kids, you’ll live longer. Honestly. Do it for your heart!!! ❤❤❤❤