ETV Scandal Feature

Can you believe we are actresses now ?! ☺️☺️lol. Ok, not really but… we were asked to do a feature as “celebrity judges” for a Kasi cooking show that was part of the story line. How cool is that? We were asked us to play ourselves ☺️☺️ except, we are not celebrities or judges, lol. ?? but Ma’am Dorah Sitole is, so it’s the same thing… right?! ??.


We came in for two different days to shoot two different episode- days but it spread out to 4 episodes soo… we are professionals now?! ☺️☺️ we honestly have a new found respect for actors and actresses, it’s really no joke. We were on that set for hours and hours ??? lol, we decided to wear heels ? … bad idea!!! Lol. For the second episode we had to do some real life acting ☺️? we had a scene where we had to spit the food out and cough, lol. And we were like “we really have to pretend good here” and our baby Given Stuurman was like … “don’t pretend, act” ?? well then superstar… that was great advice though. ❤️


We had the best time ever with the loveliest and kindest cast ever❤️❤️. Very accommodating and sweet people, it was such an honor and a pleasure. 


When you watch the episodes though, make sure you don’t blink ? ?? lol, you literally just might miss our close up… honest????!!! Lol ??. The first day we were on, my mom was expecting the episode to be about “the twins” I guess ??? lol and she was soooo disappointed that we were on for a few seconds ?? Haha, but we assured her that we’d have more seconds on the other episodes to come?… and our acting skills… on ?. We are literally ready to take on this career ??


But honestly though, it was a huge privilege and a huge honor, what a lovely opportunity. We are soo soo sooooo thankful ❤️




#withlovefromthetwins ❤️❤️