We’ve always wanted to do yoga at the beach ?. Isn’t it the most serene
place you’d wanna go have a “namaste'” ?? and “woooh-saahh” ????
moment at?! You guys know this… or you should know this ?? … but we
work out everywhere!!! Listen, you can’t stop us, come rain ☔️ or sunshine
☀️… we will stretch these chef bodies!!! Lol. ☺️☺️ we don’t have
pleasures of the beach in Hustle-land aka Johannesburg, so whenever we come
here, we have to bust a move and blog about it. ???

It’s always windy here and almost impossible for us to strike these sexy
poses but Mr strong core comes in handy with this one ??????.  Not
only does yoga help us to become a little snatched ?? and help us with
our flexibility, it also strengthens our core, which then helps us keep our
balance and maybe one day, one day we could rollerblade or ice-skate like
other children ??? but that’s a blog post for another day ☺️☺️.

With that being said, we are not the greatest yogis but one day, one day
-because honestly with yoga… practice does make perfect. We don’t know of
any yoga classes around us but for now we do YouTube yoga videos that guide
us, it’s like having an instructor in your house yo. Our favorite at the
moment is Shilpa Shetty and if you want cardio yoga for super weight-loss,
check out Jillian Micheals and thank us later.

Namaste’ ??❤️❤️



#withlovefromthetwins ❤️❤️