Ok listen… this is what we do on our “lazy days”, not that we underestimate how hard yoga is, because it is super hard ?? but it’s one of those workouts you can do in your living room and stuff. ☺☺☺

Cooking and being on your feet ALL DAY is no joke ?? and it really takes a strain on our bodies and our moods, like we get for real grumpy!!! Lol.

Sometimes you just need to do something that will calm your body and mind down ?? *WOOOOHHH-SAAAHHH*
We find it calms us down and we really get a lot of energy for the day, which is generally what working out does for you.

Our fit chefs tip for today is: do whatever makes you feel good and makes you have a better attitude, especially at work. Drink lots of water and be a bit healthy or at least try and just be a good person.

Namaste’ ??❤❤