Ever since we lied to ourselves and wanted to become “fit Chefs” our
ultimate short-term goal was to always climb up lions head in Cape Town…
lol ????

Listen!!! At exactly 2 mins into the hike, we knew this was a bad idea ??
couldn’t breathe already!!! Haha, And this was about 5:30 am, couldn’t see
a thing… had these little torches, some scary movie stuff. We went up
with our mentor, Ragmah. If it was just the two of us, would’ve called it
quits soon, soon✌?✌???. We kept going, felt like forever. While walking
up, we had a lot of reflecting to do. We’ve seen a few people flex on
Instagram??, posting beautiful views from Lions head and we wanted to be
one of them, we wanna get to the top too… not realizing that the journey
is not “pap and vleis” and honestly, the view from the top looks amazing
but wow!!! ? ???

Oh Lord, then came the ladder part ???, so now we are climbing stuff…
thought we were hiking here people!!! Gosh ?? then came the actual rock
climbing part ??? lol. At this point, it’s still dark, the eyes are
working overtime and we keep asking ourselves… WHAT THE FUDGE WERE WE
THINKING!!!! ????? We kept going though because we had no choice
??? must’ve zoned out for the rest of the Hike because we were dead
Chefs walking ?? ??????and the coolest thing is…you couldn’t tell
that we were basically dead. We walked with so much grace and poise, our
breathing was on par… we were looking like we know what we were doing.

Fast forward to victory —-> we actually made it to the top ????☺️☺️
and it was beautiful!!! Made it just in time for the sunrise, body feeling
snatched ?? what more could a fit chef ask for? We had some coffee up
there, took some bomb pics, listen… we were living the dream!!

Oh, then we had to walk back down ??. ..Slipped at least 90% of the time.
Walking back down was actually harder than the climb ????. There was a
point where one of us (Tebo) fell, hurt her everything… apparently she
almost died but it was just a slip buuuuuut… let’s go with the whole
“victorious – almost died but didn’t die” story ???? lol.
We made it back to the car at about 9am. We didn’t realize that we achieved
our ultimate short-term goal. Might not do it again for the next few years
… ☺️☺️☺️☺️ but we did it!!! It felt great.

Seriously though, how often do we look at people flexing on the gram or
showing us their views from the top and we are like… gosh!!! If I could
be just like homie ????? Not really comprehending the journey they have
walked ? Because if you’re gonna envy someone’s success, you might as well
envy the hardships too. People never show you the tough days, the hard
work, tears and sweat.  … why does it feel like Church up In here?
????? lol. We wouldn’t have been able to walk that “journey” alone…
no sir!! There were some stages we needed someone to hoist us up or else it
was over, it was really… done!!!!

Ok, this story and a bit gibberish and almost doesn’t make sense and our
bodies still hurt from the hike ☺️☺️☺️ and therefore affecting our thought
process ?? yes, both of us!!! ?☺️ lol. But, if you have a goal… wake
up determined???? and go crush it ????make sure you take supportive
people on your journey who will help you up when you have hard falls or
will carry you when you think you can’t anymore. Stop envying other
people’s “views from the top” because you have no idea what they had to do
to get up there. And if you stop complaining along the way you might
actually see the beauty around you while you’re climbing up. It’s ok to go
at your own pace, take breaks if you need to. Drink some water and come
have coffee, have a kit kat because you deserve it dammit!! Lol.

… ok, we’re done. We hope that made sense ?? or you got something out
of it or your motivated to climb up lions head so you can be snatched too.
Hey… whatever you take from this, we hope its positive.

#crushed it!!!! ????????????❤❤