You know when you lie to your friends and other kids and tell them you’re
“fit”?? ??? they kinda want to invite you to every fitness event they
know about ??? and you’re too afraid to tell them that you’d rather eat
doughnuts instead?! Yup, that’s us, lol??. But seriously though, we love
these kind of people … they keep us looking SAX!!! ??

Our mentor, Ragmah and her hubby, love working out together and they
mentioned this park run thing that takes place every Saturday. (side note:
did you guys know about this? ?? apparently it’s not a new thing and it
happens all over this world and stuff ?? how come we didn’t know about
this? ?? who are our friends ? ?)… and we’re back ☺️☺️… anyways,
it’s a 5km run/ walk, no pressure… people just come through and be great.
Our first experience was of course in Constantia, Cape Town… our most
favorite place ever ?? and we have to tell you kids… we think this park
run stuff is gonna be our new thing ????‍♀️??‍♀️.

This is for EVERYBODY!!! You don’t have to be super fit to do this, you
could walk the whole way through, it’s great. There are people encouraging
you along the way, you meet some cute fit people ☺️☺️ what more could you
ask for on a Saturday morning? Huh? And nothing feels better than working
out and feeling like an absolute SAX ???, that’s our new favorite word
by the way… “SAX”!! It sounds so sexy… we think it’s another word for
“sexy” ??? we don’t know, we’ll confirm with our cool kid friends ???

Visit and check out where you can join the other
children, trust  us, it’s fun.

We finished our “run” in 43 mins ??? lol, we’ll do better next time…
promise ??❤️❤️



#withlovefromthetwins ❤️❤️