We are the biggest jogging ? snobs in the world ? , (totally made that up
but it will make sense now) ☺️☺️. We love keeping fit and stuff…
sometimes??. Lol. We are only encouraged to jog if we jog in a beautiful
area, we don’t jog with music ? (don’t know why) so we need something else
to distract us from our dying bodies. Lol.

If you know us you know that we were born and bred in Mamelodi, which we
absolutely looooove by the way ??? buuuut… ☝?☝?we used to attempt
jogging around Mamelodi West to East and the amount of “hello baby”, “can I
join you girls”, “Mpho le Mphonyana”, “same girl”, “The jogging Twins”,
“Lerato le Love” and cars hooting ?????oh my gosh!!!! ????We were
like… never again!!!! Can’t run in this place, there simply is no
order… COMRADE!!! Lol Hated jogging, we were like NO?, we are officially
jogging snobs, can’t do this anymore, lol. We now had to cut the routes
shorter to avoid the guys bothering us. (Maybe they were intentionally
bothering us because they didn’t want us to become fit because they like
thick girls ????) hahahaha ???? that’s a blog post for another day
??? no, but seriously, what other explanation is there? We love the boys
in Mamelodi but what a nuisance… silly!!! ☺️☺️☺️☺️

We love Cape Town, Constantia … who doesn’t ? It’s green and quiet, every
single turn you take you see the view of the table mountain. We don’t care
how lazy you are, you will wake that… BUM up to go for a run just to
appreciate the beauty that is. We know that’s the reason we woke up today.

And along the way, you’ll discover these beautiful gems ? that will make
your run worth while, ran past the most beautiful river walk… yum!!! ☺️☺️
We are Not super runners or anything, half of the time we are walking and
taking nonsense, lol but we are still getting our hearts right.

We need a workout squad though ?? let’s create a squad guys? Anyone?
Email us? Maybe? Ok!! ☺️☺️ anyways… that’s it. Wake up, put your running
pants on, go for a run ?, choose a lovely and peaceful location and start
your day right, ok?