Meet our ever so gorgeous Mama, Takkies!!! She’s an amazing dancer and hosts these amazing fitness dancing classes in heels ? everybody!!! How amazing is that?! ??☺️


We’ve never worked out in heels before and our thighs totally agree with that statement ?? what a shock!!! Lol ☺️☺️ We had a lovely session with some beautiful girls. ???? EVERYDAY IS LEG DAY!! 


It’s winter and it’s absolutely freezing in Johannesburg so indoor workouts are perfect, especially after a long day at work. It gets heated up very quickly in that studio, lol. Literally and figuratively ??? so it’s definitely steaming summer in there. It’s so much fun though, it’s like Zumba on FLEEK honey!! 


Takkies is a new mom, her cute baby is only 6 months old!! ❤️❤️ but her body though!!!! …????????? haha ?? and her legs!!!! ? ?? shooooo !! All we are saying is… if you want a body like that … COME THROUGH!!! COME THROUGH!!!! COME THROUGH!!! ?☺️ The class is fun and amazing, takes place every Thursday evening in Bryanston (check her Instagram @Takkies7 for more info) and she doesn’t judge if you flop too much ??lol. We’ll definitely be going back for some more action. This is definitely the best way to stay fit chefs!!! 


#fitchefsdiary ❤️❤️