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Mamelodi-born twins Lebo and Tebo Ndala might not yet have a television series like the famed twins Tia and Tamera, but the talented 23-year-olds would certainly put on an entertaining show.

The twins graduated from The Hurst Campus in Stellenbosch. As part of their training, they worked as interns in the kitchens of the Victoria & Albert Hotel and the Radisson Blu, respectively, after which they decided to branch out into other sectors of the food industry. They have now started their own business, With Love From The Twins, a pop-up food concept. The duo caters for intimate dinners; they are also freelance food editors and food stylists. Their company celebrated its first year in July. 

“Being featured on Top Billing was a highlight. Collaborating with food brands has also been a highlight, and, of course, meeting the influential people in our industry and being featured on amazing media platforms,” Tebo says. “It’s encouraging because some days are tough, so when someone recognises our work, it’s a beautiful highlight.”

The Ndala twins have certainly had a very busy year, filled with ups and downs. “Not being taken seriously as young women is a big challenge. People assume we are just pretty faces and that’s it, but it’s not true,” Lebo says. “Also, being rejected: oh goodness, that’s hard.”

Despite these challenges, the young entrepreneurs continue to work hard to make a name for themselves. What is their long-term dream? “To own a studio with a functional kitchen, where we could do our food styling and food photography, and open it up to other food creatives who’d like to use the space,” Lebo says.


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