Compliments of the new season everybody!!!!! ??? Our first fit Chefs post for the year…☺️☺️ 


Listen, Linda!!! We took a break from working out, lol ☺️☺️ the entire December we were bumming around, eating lots of chocolate and hoping for the best lol. ?? Everybody gets tired sometimes!!! ?


Work just started the past week for us and thank God for work and travel mercies, so we are hotel living which means … free gym!!! which is awesome because everyone knows we don’t go to gym, we always do Home or outdoorsy workouts. We love the gym though, we are very disciplined people but some people get confused when they enter the gym, they don’t know where to start or which areas to start with and we are definitely no experts either but our method is pretty simple, because we haven’t worked out in a while, we decided to go the very simple route. 


We did 15 minutes on the treadmill and 15 mins on the bike, easy peazy… now you’ve got 30 mins of cardio in. Then we did a few dumbbell workouts for about 15 mins and abs on the ball for 15 and voilà!!! 1 hour of workout done. You really don’t have to complicate things, especially if you’re getting back into things. 


Now, this pursuit of SAXINESS that we are referring to… we are not really sure what being a “SAX” means but that sounds like a dope word and we’ll take two of those please!! Lol ☺️☺️ but seriously though, more than anything, we just want to be our own body goals, be comfortable in our own skin, have healthy hearts so that we can live longer and just make more money. ?


Our advice is simple: do what you can and remember, no workout is a bad workout but it doesn’t hurt to pursue SAXINESS so maybe you can push a little harder . 


Happy working out!!! ?? 


Keep healthy and cheat well on your cheat days ??.






#BodyBrand ❤️❤️