TOP BILLING!! – The Pop Up Twins and Azania


“The Pop Up Twins and Azania.”

Isn’t that awesome??! ☺️☺️☺️ Top Billing? So exciting. What an honor to
have an opportunity to be on this show and cook for Azania and her friends
too? … Hello Pressure, welcome ???? lol.

So Top Billing told us exactly what they wanted, as they should right? ☺️☺️
and we had to make what they wanted come to life, the trick is we had a
very short time to plan all of this??. We had to find the most beautiful
venue in Johannesburg and basically create a mini pop up restaurant, which
is pretty cool because all of this happened in about 3 days before our last
pop up restaurant of the year and it was about the same theme. ??

The most amazing woman let us use her exquisite house, we know her and for
some reason she trusted that we wouldn’t burn her house down ???. We
call her Aunty Nana, she’s amazing. We appreciate her. ❤️❤️

Fast forward to the evening of the shoot, we set everything up to create
this beautiful and magical garden DINNER that had to be a bit Christmassy
?? too. We had lots of fairy lights, the cutlery and crockery were
perfect, The Food in the kitchen is gonna be amazing, we looked great
??????… what more could we ask for? … right? ??

The weather… nope!! It started getting cloudy and we were like? ?? well
there goes the perfect garden shoot ?? oh and the other fairy lights
decided not to work ?? lol. No more Christmas??? Can we cancel the shoot
please??? What else could go wrong? ??? anyways, we tried to look past
the little things that were going wrong. The crew came, Azania and her
friends came and guess what else came? The nerves!!!! ?? But we got
straight to it, because the weather was a bit grumpy and it was getting
late but… everybody loved the set up, we were good to go man. ????

We thought this was gonna be easy, We mean… lights, camera, action ??
how hard can it be? ?? lol, jokes!! We did like a hundred takes for every
little part and we were like… EHHH ?? lol, but it was an absolutely
amazing experience!!! ?? we wanna do it over and over and over again!!!
Maybe we should have our own cooking show ??… ok, anyways moving on…

The food is ready, the twins are coming out with the food, let’s sit down
and eat, shoot, perfect dinner… ok, ACTION!! And the weather was like…
NOPE!!! In about 2 seconds it started pouring!!!!! We scattered like crazy
birds soooo quickly ?? that was so painful!! The shoot was cut short!!
How dare you rain!!! ?? lol. And the yummy dessert? You guys didn’t get
to see that?. So we wrapped up at almost midnight and it was great ??.
We had an amazing time.

We had to wait for about two weeks for the show to air and we were soooo
nervous. Come on, it’s our very first TV debut nyana, it needs to be
perfect right? ?? lol. Long story short, it looked great, The Food looked
fantastic, our two minutes of fame were probably our highlight of 2016 and
mommy was proud, thats all that matters. ☺️☺️

It’s so cool that we kinda dreamt of being on a show like that and we were
like … nah!!! That’s never gonna happen and God was like… ACTUALLY!!
You’re my kids so let’s do this.??❤️ Lol. We really can’t wait to dream
bigger dreams and work even harder so that bigger things can happen.

Did we thank Top Billing enough? ?? hmmmm, we don’t think so and everyone
who helped us put this together? We are so thankful. Let’s do this again
sometime soon? ?☺️☺️??

Oh, our new nickname are “The Pop Up Twins” ☺️☺️ because we just pop up
everywhere!!! ??❤️❤️




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